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  1. Lois Brown

    I do believe that your site is all a wife and mother will ever need to cook the best and least expensive meals ever.
    I am fifty-five, and have cooked for many years, and as I look back upon my early days of cooking and sharing recipes, a handwritten recipe is all I had ever known. While technology and Food Network have become good sources of new meals, there is something special about old handwritten recipes handed down through the years that unites us with our past and connects us to a time when life was full of simple pleasures that we seldom celebrate today.
    The ingredients are simple and cheap and taste like nothing we will ever cook up from television or the internet or a new chef. Although all of those are good in their own right, they will never match the timeless, old-fashioned, handwritten-with-love-and-care recipes that our mothers and grandmothers have left us.
    Let us never forget the goodness from their perseverance, and most of all let us cherish their handwriting as we feel their presence touch our lives in this busy day and time while we ponder over their recipe, buy the ingredients, and cook ’em up, and serve. Let our moments of sharing the food be that of happy times that our children will remember, and let us pass the recipes on down as the years go by.
    And most of all, let us remember that our kitchens today are blessed to share the memories of the ones from yesterday as we are inspired by the love in each recipe.
    Who would have ever thought that technology could join us together in such a special way?

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