1. Dennis McManus

    The recipe card for Chicken Maciel is in my Grandmother’s hand writing. (Verna Dennis) She was the hat check girl for many years at the Westport Room, eventually taking the job as dining room manager till the restaurant closed, I believe in 1968 (I was 9). My Grandmother would take me to Joe Maciel’s house every Christmas to deliver presents. I spent many an evening in the early to mid 1960s at the restaurant when there wasn’t a babysitter available.
    I have one of the recipe cards that my Grandmother made to give out to friends and family, the one I have, coming from the recipe box I inherited from my Mother (Bernadine McManus).

    I came across this site searching for images of the Westport Room in Union Station, Kansas City , MO.

  2. sathya srinivasan

    Does this site have a search engine? I’m not able to locate it. Great blog btw

    • On the front page or on the entry pages, scroll all the way down–it’s on the very bottom of the front page, and just above the comments on the entry pages! Thank you!

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