Because who doesn’t love a tomato wedge in their taco?

I believe she means Old El Paso.

From the box of L.R. from Winston-Salem, North Carolina.


Buy 1 package of 8 or 12 in box or corn tortillas in frozen dept.

Take 1 pack of taco seasoning, either El Paso or French’s.

Recipe here for meat filling: brown 1 lb. of hamburger plus putting in onion and cooking until brown. Pour off grease and put in seasoning. Simmer with amount of suggested water a little.

Take shell and put in beef–do not fill–add to this in any order:

  • onion, if not cooked in mixture
  • tomatoes and slice in wedges
  • American cheese or mild or sharp cheese–sliced works better and cut into little strips, and
  • shredded lettuce.

Optional: put in oven a few minutes to soften shells.

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