“Mazarelli?” Well… yeah, actually.

While most Americans are generally familiar with Southern Appalachian dialects through television and movies, less immediately recognized are the Central and Northern Appalachian variations passed down in Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and especially West Virginia.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to hear the distinction between Southern Appalachian and Northern Appalachian: compare the softly-tinged twang of Don Knotts (from Morgantown, West Virginia) with the honey-sweet drawl of Andy Griffith (from Mount Airy, North Carolina).

Louisville is somewhere between these two accents–and just like Barney ordered pepperelli on his pizza, Evia put mazarelli in her lasagna.

From the box of Evia Marie Sands of Louisville, Kentucky.


1 can pizza sauce
a layer lasagna
a layer hamburger — cooked a little
salt and pepper to taste
layer of cottage cheese with an egg beat in it
Layer mozzarella cheese
another layer of pizza sauce

400* for 45 minutes. With fork remove foil and cook 15 minutes more.

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