Apricot Cake

Two-thirds of 13 ounces is about 8.7 ounces. If you wanted to frost the cake with the little packets you find on the tables of diners, you’d need to “liberate” 17 of them.

Just sayin’. Don’t go stealing preserves and telling everybody Yesterdish said it was cool.

From a box sold in East Moline, Illinois.

Apricot Cake

1 (1 lb.) can apricots and juice
1 pkg. lemon cake mix
3 eggs — beaten

Stir cake mix, beaten eggs, apricots and juice — use mixer.

Bake in 9 x 12 x 2 inch pan 40 minutes at 350 deg. Ice with 2/3 of a 13 oz. jar apricot preserves.

Recipe from: Eva and Helen
Serves: ?

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