“The delicious, wholesome milk dessert.”

Junket is both the name of a custard-like dessert and a brand name for a mix to produce the dessert. Here’s an ad for Junket from the May 6, 1935 edition of The Milwaukee Journal.

The tablets and powders in the Junket line are a blend of (currently vegetarian) rennet and sweeteners; rennet is the name for the group of enzymes responsible for turning milk into cheese. Junket is a dessert that uses the same enzyme that coagulates curds to turn milk into a custard-like state.

The dessert itself predates the company. It was the name used for a rennet-thickened cream enjoyed by British nobility in the Middle Ages. The company was founded in 1874 in Denmark and opened up U.S. operations in 1878 in the middle of upstate New York.

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From the notebook of J.L. from Avon Lake, Ohio. Dated 1915.
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1/2 junket tablet
1 t. cold water
2 c. milk
2 T. of sugar
1/2 t. of vanilla or other flavoring if desired


Crush tablet and dissolve in cold water. Heat and dissolve in cold water. Heat the milk and put in the dissolved junket, when the milk is lukewarm and the sugar and flavoring and stir until sugar is dissolved.

Pour into a glass dish or cup and let it stand in a warm place until it is set or thick. Then put on rice. This may be served plain or with sugar and cream or if desired with jelly, strawberries or peaches.

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