Brown Soup Stock

Traditional and straightforward.

Brown Soup Stock


6 lbs. raw meat
3 qt. cold water
1/2 t. peppercorns
6 cloves
1/2 bay leaf
2 sprigs parsley

1/2 cup each:

  • carrots
  • onions
  • [parsley, but I think it means celery]

1 T. salt

Cut meat in cubes. Brown one third of meat in hot frying pan with grease. Put bone with fat and rest of meat in soup kettle. Add water and let stand for thirty minutes.

Place on back of stove. Add the browned meat and heat gradually to boiling point. As soon as scum rises it should be removed. Cover and cook six hours.

Add the vegetables and seasonings. Cook one and one half hours. Strain and cool as quickly as possible.

Yesterdish suggestion: Adding a little vinegar to the bones soaking in cold water will help make them more porous and help the soup cook faster.

From the notebook of J.L. from Avon Lake, Ohio. Dated 1915.
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