Yesterdish’s Angeled and Deviled Creme Eggs

This is the 666th recipe on the site. Coincidence?

Well, no, of course it wasn’t. I thought it’d be fun to do something devil-ish for lucky number 666, and when I had this notion, it seemed downright demonic. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a little bit too demonic, because I didn’t really know what I was doing.

After thought I’d try deviled creme eggs, I googled and found Cakespy did a pretty version two years ago. I don’t have the pastry bag skills for that. I was going for substance.

I thought the important thing was that the bacon be there to balance the sugar, so I laid it out in a… y’know… festive shape.

Based on my sister’s process for cake pops–she’s got the decorating skills, but was out of town–I had envisioned something different than what Cakespy had in mind: cake mashed to bits, mixed with frosting, and piped into the split creme eggs. In texture and construction, this would be more in the spirit of a deviled creme egg; an egg filled with a mixture that adds texture and substance to the bite.

But other than that, I didn’t have the foggiest idea what I was doing, and it shows. I threw Oreos into the chocolate mixture when I found the cake utterly dissolved into the chocolate frosting, and I wanted some texture. Sadly, I didn’t mix the filling for long enough after doing so. The result was that the filling in the chocolate eggs had chunks of Oreo that kept clogging the pastry bag. On top of that, the bag was too full to hold with one hand, so the eggs would spin when I was trying to fill them. Live and learn I guess.

The bacon was a holdover from an earlier conception of the recipe. At one point I considered putting bacon into the chocolate egg, but couldn’t decide in what form. Ultimately I thought the important thing was that the bacon be there to balance the sugar, so I laid it out in a… y’know… festive shape.

Despite demonic interference, I think it was a pretty successful recipe. Like regular deviled eggs, these feel heavy for their size, have a variety of textures, and yet retain all the characteristics of the original eggs. Unlike regular deviled eggs, diabetes.

This is not my first foray into unholy processed Voltron-foods. In my misspent youth I would sometimes make ice cream sandwiches out of Pop Tarts. And in 2011, my co-workers and I assembled a little something we like to call the Pizzarito; there’s a photo of it below the recipe card…

From Yesterdish’s recipe box.

Yesterdish’s Angeled and Deviled Creme Eggs

6 [Cadbury] creme eggs and 6 chocolate eggs
1/4 10″ store bought angel food cake
1/2 9″ store bought devil’s food cake
1/2 can vanilla frosting
1/2 can chocolate frosting
6 Oreos

Chill eggs 1 hour. Cut in half.

In mixer, with paddle, beat angel food cake into vanilla frosting. Repeat with devil’s food and chocolate [frosting] and Oreos.

Fill chocolate eggs with chocolate and regular eggs with vanilla.

Weep openly at your life choices.

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