Tuna a la King

Written on the back of a bank slip.

This also helpfully dates the recipe to the 1950’s. At the time, the original bank building was still standing; in the 1960s, it was torn down and replaced with the Marine Bank tower. That itself had its own interesting culinary history, because the 22nd floor was occupied by a Stouffer’s restaurant, the Ohio-based business that went from a dairy to lunch counters to restaurants and, finally, your frozen food aisle.

In the 1980s, Marine National Exchange Bank became Marine Bank, which merged into Banc One. In the 1990s, Banc One merged with First Chicago to form Bank One (note the spelling). Then, in 2004, Bank One merged with JPMorgan Chase, currently the largest bank in America, by assets. Sure enough, if you go to the original Marine National Exchange Bank location, you’ll find that it’s now Chase Tower, located in Marine Plaza.

From the August 1, 1930 edition of The Sheboygan Press:

Marine National Bank Is Opened

Milwaukee–(AP)–The Marine National Exchange bank, resultant from a murger of the Marine National bank and the National Exchange bank, opened its doors today with a captial stock of $2,200,000, a surplus of $800,000 and undivided profits of $400,000. G.W. Augustyn was elected president of the new organization.

From a box sold in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

Tuna a la King

2 Tbsp. chopped green pepper
1 Tbsp. butter
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1/2 cup milk
1 (7 oz.) can tuna fish, drained
2 Tbsp. chopped pimento
3 hard-cooked eggs
12 slices bread

Cook green pepper in butter; add soup. Stir well. Add milk. Heat in double-boiler.

Break up tuna fish; add to soup with pimento, eggs. Reserve one egg yolk for garnish.

Trim crusts from bread. Press one slice in each muffin cup and toast for 375 deg., 12-15 minutes. Pour mixture over toasted bread.


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