Sweet Potato Croquettes

Ah, the 40 second test.

I’ll let the April 29, 1911 edition of the Carroll County Citizen-Times from Delphi, Indiana explain:

Croquette Making.

The two kinds of croquette mixtures need different heat in frying. For those that are uncooked a slower heat. In testing the fat for them use a cube of bread. It should be brown in 60 seconds, a golden brown. The croquettes that are prepared of cooked mixtures a hotter fat is required, using the 40-second test.

Should you want to use a thermometer, a 60-second test means the oil is about 320 deg. F. and a 40-second test would be about 360 deg. F.

From the box of C.N. from De Soto, Kansas.

Sweet Potato Croquettes

3 c. mashed sweet potatoes
salt and pepper to season
2 eggs (allow 1 tsp. water to each egg)
Bread or cracker crumbs

  1. Wash, pare, and cook sweet potatoes in boiling water.
  2. Drain, dry, and mash.
  3. Allow potatoes to cool.
  4. Make into flour and roll in crumbs, eggs, and crumbs again.
  5. Dry in deep fat, using 40 second test.
  6. Drain on brown paper; serve hot.

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