Timetable For Canning Vegetables by Cold Pack Method

For historical interest only.

From the box of C.N. sold in De Soto, Kansas.

Time Table for Canning Vegetables by Cold Pack Method
Vegetables Time of Blanching Size of Jar Time of Cooking
Beans 5 min. pt. or qt. 3 hrs.
Beets 6 min. qt. 1-1/2 hrs.
Carrots 2 min. qt. 1-1/2 hrs.
Corn 5-10 min. pt. or qt. 4 hrs.
Peas 5 min. pt. 3 hrs.
Tomatoes 1-2 min. pt or qt 22 min.

Use no water in canning tomatoes.

Cook pt. jars 5 min. less than qt. jars.

Cathern Nichepor


Yesterdish reminder: Don’t use these instructions. Cold pack canning isn’t safe for foods that aren’t highly acidic; use a pressure-canning method.

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