Charlotte’s Chicken, Tuna, or Turkey Casserole

Using canned soup and Minute Rice.

Minute Rice, introduced in 1949 by General Foods, is a brand of “instant rice.” Instant rice is essentially just pre-cooked rice that’s been dehydrated, usually with heat. Unlike converted rice, which we discussed in the post for chicken and rice casserole, Minute Rice is fully cooked. In fact, it’s pretty tasty right out of the box–it tastes like the crispy rice you might get in a war bar preparation.

In the back of my head I have a plan for a chilled shrimp war bar salad using Minute Rice. But until then, here’s a casserole.

From the box of F.J. from Sun City, Arizona. Some cards suggest a family history in Missouri and Kansas.

Charlotte’s Chicken, Tuna, or Turkey Casserole

1 can cream of chicken soup
1 can cream of celery soup
(Or use two cans of cream of mushroom)

1 can H20
3/4 cup uncooked Minute Rice
1/2 stick butter

Cook chicken, turkey or tuna.
Potato chips

Mix soups together; put 1/2 in casserole (buttered). Add rice, meat, and rest of soup and H20. Sprinkle potato chips over–melt or chop butter and put on top. Bake 350 deg.

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