Breakfast Ambrosia

Apples, papaya, pineapple, oranges, and grapefruit.

Covalda was a brand name of dates first marketed in 1935, not a variety; it was purchased by the Jewel Date Company in 1997.

From a box sold in Chicago, Illinois.

Breakfast Ambrosia

2/3 apples, papaya or pineapple, sliced or other available well-bodied fruits

1/3 oranges or thick-skinned grapefruit
Always use white pulp under peel

2 T. flax meal or sunflower meal or both

2-6 T. grated coconut. Use with each variation

1/2 avocado if available or T. coconut cream

2 tsp. honey in comb or 4-6 Covalda dates

Season with mace, ginger, or nutmeg, fresh rosemary herb, 1 tsp. chopped purple dulse, grated lemon peel or a few kumquats.

Beulah Strickland
Herald of Health Oct/60

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