Sweet and Sour Dressing

Because surely you have some sauerkraut juice in the fridge?

I’m guessing “liquefy until glossy” means emulsify. I’ve heard of German recipes using sauerkraut juice in dressing.

From a box sold in Chicago, Illinois.

Sweet-Sour Dressing

2 oz. sauerkraut juice
1 medium lemon (including skin)
1/2 tsp. salt
3-1/2 Tbsp. honey
1 cup oil

Liquefy all ingredients together except oil, then add oil slowly and liquefy until glossy.

Mildred Vest

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  1. Peggy Latham

    Just found your site(s) via redit while surfing for canning/preserving information/ideas… Love that you have found a way to pass on these recipes. I have a pretty good collection of recipes that I have picked up at yard sales.. etc. Many that i have collected have some names on the recipes. Some don’t. Hate to see them tossed in the trash. Not sure what to do with them though.

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