Pie Crust

A basic crust.

From the box of A.D. from Lutz, Florida, by way of Pennsylvania in the 1940s, and originating in Ohio in the 1920s.

Pie Crust

Take 1/2 c. flour with 1/8 c. Argo cornstarch, 1/8 tsp. of baking powder, two Tbsp. of Mazola, 1/8 cup cold water, 1/8 tsp. salt.

Sift flour, cornstarch and baking powder in a bowl. Add shortening; rub fine through flour; add last water and salt.

Turn on a board and roll lengthwise till smooth and use as desired.

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  1. Dave the tutor

    I made this crust for a vegan pumpkin pie. I used potato starch instead of the Argo cornstarch and left out the salt. It made a small dough ball, which I rolled ultra thin to cover the bottom and sides of a glass pie dish. I also used a generic Canola oil (sorry Mazola!) Needed a bit more water to get it going.

    Anyhow, great crust. Very usable. Rolled out nice. Was crisp and tasty. I think the baking powder made it a bit flakier. I rolled the dough between layers of parchment paper.

    Once again, thank you for making such a simple recipe available. An oldie but a REAL goody!

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