Frosted Salad

Take a note, Ruth: a 1930s gelatin salad.

Here’s a version from the August 30, 1934 edition of the Blockton (Iowa) News:

Frosted Gingerale Salad: Soften one tablespoon of gelatin in one-half cup orange juice, and dissolve over hot water. Add one-third cup sugar, and stir until dissolved. Add one cup of canned raspberries and one cup of gingerale. When it starts to stiffen, fold in one cup of beaten cream mixed with one cup mayonnaise. Add sixteen dates which have been cut in pieces and four tablespoons of chopped nuts. Freeze, not too solid, in a refrigerator tray.


Neither here nor there, but the most likely Ruth Weick was, at the time, a girl in the steno pool at the company that operated the Kansas oil pipeline.

From the box of F.J. from Sun City, Arizona. Some cards suggest a family history in Missouri and Kansas.

Frosted Salad

1 pkg. orange Jell-o
1/2 lb. small marshmallows
2 small pkg. [likely 3 oz. each] Philadelphia cream cheese
1 large can crushed pineapple, drained
1 cup whipping cream
1 pkg. strawberry Jell-o
chopped nuts

Prepare orange Jell-o with 2 cups hot water; pour over marshmallows while still hot. Mix in cream cheese and drained pineapple. Chill. When cool, fold in cream, whipped.

Topping: use juice of pineapple and hot water to prepare 1 pkg. strawberry Jell-o. Cool. When syrupy, whip and spread over mixture. Sprinkle chopped nuts over top. Chill.

Recipe from the kitchen off Ruth Weick

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