Care of Babies

Well, it’s in the notebook, so I’m including it. But I would seriously urge you not to use this as a source of information. Remember, this is how to care for a baby 98 years ago. A lot more babies died 98 years ago.

How Girls May Help in Care of Baby

  1. Take baby out for airing.
  2. Help get bath ready.
  3. Keep clothes clean and in good repair.

Why babies need so much care

  1. Most helpless of all baby animals
  2. Cannot walk
  3. Cannot talk
  4. Cannot feed itself

Results of proper kind of care

  1. Grow up to be a healthy man or woman
  2. Hold better position
  3. Command higher wages
  4. Help make world better
  5. Makes for happiness.

Results of improper care

  1. May grow up but not be strong
  2. May die before reaching the age of one year
  3. Sorrow to parents
  4. Expense to parents

Signs of Healthy Baby

  1. Bright Eyes
  2. Clear skin rosy in color
  3. Muscles firm to touch
  4. Very little crying
  5. Good appetite
  6. Steady gain in weight
  7. No vomiting
  8. Quiet and unbroken sleep, with mouth and eyes tightly closed
  9. Bowel movement of normal number, color and consistency

Reasons why Babies die

  1. Overfeeding and irregularity
  2. Improper food
  3. Not enough fresh air
  4. Not bathed enough
  5. Unclean surrounding
  6. Clothes not adapted to season
  7. Not taken to doctor at first sign of illness

Early Symptoms of Sickness

  1. Cries and is fretful
  2. Refuses to nurse or take the bottle
  3. Vomiting
  4. Fever
  5. Diarrhea or constipation

Making the Baby comfortable

  1. Send for the doctor
  2. Give warm bath
  3. Stop all food
  4. Give clean fresh clothing
  5. Give cool boiled water
  6. Give teaspoonful of castor oil

What Pacifier Does

  1. Deforms the jaw
  2. May cause the teeth to grow in crooked
  3. Carry gums into the mouth
  4. Frequent cause of illness.

3,000,000 babies under one year of age died in the U.S. in 1914. 1,960 died in 1915.

Feeding of Baby

The best for the baby is mother’s milk. If babies cannot be nursed, cow’s milk is the next best. Mechanical foods are not so good because they are sweet and have not what mother’s milk has.

The baby is about 9 months old when mother weans it. Then she can give it bread or crackers in milk, prune or orange juice.

The cow’s milk that we get must be sterilized. We can get certified milk in the Dispensary. We should feed the baby more than three times every day. When one week old, 1 oz.; 1 mo., 3 oz.; 3 mo., 4-1/2 oz.; 6 mo., 6 oz; 9 mo. 8 to 9 oz.


From the notebook of J.L. from Avon Lake, Ohio. Dated 1915.
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