Cheese Souffle

Any idea what “shop spreading cheese” actually is? Or do I have that word wrong?

From a box sold in Canby, Oregon.

Cheese Souffle

1/4 c. butter
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 c. milk
1/2 pkg. shop [?] spreading cheese
1/4 c. flour
4 well-beaten egg yolks
4 stiff egg whites

Melt butter [in a skillet on medium heat]. Mix [into butter] flour, [then] milk and salt till smooth. Add sliced cheese to white sauce. Let melt.

Beat egg yolks. Stir in white sauce. Beat egg whites very stiff. Fold into mixture, folding. Pour into greased 2-qt [souffle dish]. With spatula, trace circle through the fluffy mixture 1 inch from the edge, making a crown.

Bake slow oven 300 deg. 1 hour 15 min.

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  1. Jaynie

    Could the “shop spreading cheese”…be “sharp spreading cheese”, you know, like the kind we used to get in the little glass jars…?????

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