Plain Frosting

Dori says this isn’t a traditional frosting. It’s a variation of royal icing.

She continues: “Most royal icing recipes today don’t use egg white because of the risk of salmonella. You can just use powdered sugar and liquid. I’ve done it with milk, water, lemon juice, orange juice… it’s an excellent edible glue if you want to adhere things and the biggest trick to any royal icing is to start with a big amount of powdered sugar and and water little by little until it’s a manageable consistency. This is the type of icing you put on cookies.”

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From the box of A.D. from Lutz, Florida, by way of Pennsylvania in the 1940s, and originating in Ohio in the 1920s.

Plain Frosting

1 egg white
1 tsp. lemon juice
1 cup confectioner’s sugar

Put egg and lemon juice in bowl and add sugar slowly. When all the sugar is added, beat hard for five minutes.

If too thick, add a few drops of water. Hot water it may be.

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