Date Kiss Yummies

Just in time for Valentine’s day. Not that there’s anything particularly romantic about dates. Although…

Dates are high in zinc and magnesium, two minerals thought to be responsible for the aphrodisiac reputation of oysters. Supposedly (and this is outside my area of expertise), zinc stimulates hormone production, while magnesium provides energy while increasing relaxation. If the sparks are there, zinc and magnesium can help the blaze.

So make your Valentine some date kiss yummies and maybe he or she will return the favor. (Go ahead and groan. I see you copying the recipe from here.)

From a box sold in Canby, Oregon.

Date Kiss Yummies

1 lb. dates
1 lb. walnuts
3 egg whites
3/4 c. sugar
1/2 tsp. lemon juice
1 c. coconut

Grind dates and walnuts very fine.

Beat egg whites fluffy. Add sugar and lemon juice.

Form [dates and walnuts] into balls. Dip into meringue, then into coconut.

Place on greased floured cookie sheet. Bake slow oven, 250 deg., for 30-40 minutes.

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