Wayside Inn Salad

Ham, cheese and eggs. Personally, I think life is too short to eat apple peels. Your results may vary. If you feel an irresistible urge to make the salad look red, beets.

Someone will inevitably say, at this point, “but the peel is full of antioxidants!” Well, the peel is indigestible. It doesn’t matter that it’s full of antioxidants if you can’t digest them anyway. It’s like eating a metal box of vitamins because it’s full of vitamins. Except the metal box has a more appetizing texture.

ksu_folder A family recipe provided by Jennifer Kiel of Washington, DC, from her mother-in-law’s collection, started in Kent, Ohio.


Wayside Inn Salad

4 hard cooked eggs, sliced
2 cups cooked ham, cubed
1 cup sharp Cheddar cheese, cubed

2 cups diced unreeled red apples
1/2 cup thinly sliced celery
Bottled creamy Russian dressing
Salad greens

Combine eggs, ham cheese, apples and celery with just enough dressing to coat ingredients. Line a bowl with greens; fill with salad mixture and pass additional dressing. Serves 6.

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