Strawberry Jam and Canned Apples for Pie

I’ve heard of this method of preparing apples, but I’ve never tried it. The theory is that the sugar will extract enough liquid from the cut apples over the course of the night that you’ll have enough to boil the fruit in just its own leeched juices by the morning. If you didn’t do this, you’d end up with applesauce, because the fruit would dissolve from the processing; but extracting the moisture makes the flesh firmer.

As I said, I’ve never done this, so I don’t have a ton of suggestions–this is purely theory based on what I’ve heard. Please let me know in the comments if you do!

From a box sold in Canby, Oregon.

Strawberry Jam

3 bx. strawberries
3 c. sugar

Rolling boil 3 min.
Let stand 10 min–add 3 c. sugar and juice of one lemon.

Boil 4 min. Let stand overnight. Seal cold. Stir while cooling.

Canned Apples for Pie

5 cups apples
1 cup sugar

Let stand over night. Bring to boil and seal.

Yesterdish reminder: “I’m so glad I used modern canning practices and didn’t get botulism and die,” said everyone who ever used modern canning practices and didn’t get botulism and die.

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