Cranberry Cassis

The fruit is steeping in the wine; this is fortified wine, not hooch.

Edit Dec. 3, 2019: See Claire’s comment below… she wrote this page, and evidently it made the trip from Connecticut to Texas!

From a box sold in San Antonio, Texas.

Cranberry Cassis

3 c. cranberries, raw
3 c. sugar
2 bottles dry white wine

  1. Chop berries in food processor
  2. Add sugar and stir
  3. Pour in wine; stir
  4. Ladle into sterile jars
  5. Store in fridge for 22 days
  6. Strain and serve


  1. Claire

    I had this recipe years ago, maybe 20….lost it over the years and so happy you posted it ! Thank you. Will be making it for Christmas. Just curious…where did you get this recipe?

  2. Claire

    adgo The reason I am so interested is, that IS my recipe LOL! The handwriting (I was learning calligraphy at the time), the paper (a mini legal pad in blue), I lived in Baltic, CT at the time and donated a ton of stuff to St. Mary’s Rummage Sale in Baltic.

    • Huh, that’s amazing! This box was from so early in the site’s history that I don’t totally remember all the details–I didn’t even pin these recipes on pinterest, yet–but I will and then we’ll have to see what else you have in here! Maybe that’ll have more clues?! And I’ll update the post with this info, thank you!

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