Cracker Jack

Really, it’s more like caramel corn than Cracker Jack. A proper recipe replicating Cracker Jack would include molasses, just as the candy has since it was first sold in 1896.

Not that there’s anything wrong with this recipe, although I’d still welcome peanuts; I’m just saying, it’s not exactly Cracker Jack.

From the box of L.S. from Joplin, Missouri.

Cracker Jack

2 c. sugar
1 c. water
4 T. Karo syrup

Cook until light brown and turn fire low.

Add 1 tsp. soda and stir in well.

Put popcorn in (about 3 quarts) and mix well.

Yesterdish suggestion: Peanuts.

If you’re looking for a more Cracker Jack-like flavor, try 1.5 cups brown sugar, 1/3 cup corn syrup, 1-1/2 Tbsp. molasses, and two tablespoons of butter.

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